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What is AI6?

AI Saturdays (affectionately known as AI6) is a community-driven, non-profit and global movement across the globe to make Artificial Intelligence education at the quality and rigour of the world’s best universities accessible to anyone for free.

AI6 is a free-to-attend, structured study groups going through materials used in universities like Stanford, Berkeley, and UCL, covering cutting-edge techniques in AI and deep learning.

These study groups are held every Saturdays and done in cycles. Each cycle consists of a 14 weeks structured lesson plan targeted at people with different skill level. To learn more about A16 or organize one in your community, visit

AI6 Lagos?

We are an active learning community which promotes Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Lagos. We organize structured study groups around core AI fields like Machine Learning, Computer Vision (CV) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). 
As Artificial Intelligence is set to revolutionize the 4th industrial revolution, we need to be ready and prepared. We want the next billion AI practitioners rise from AI6 communities. We share a belief that AI will transmogrify almost (if not all) industries and we want to be on the forefront of making that happen.

The pool of true experts in the field is small, and Alibaba, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and other tech giants have hired many of them.

- Artificial Intelligence: The Next Digital Frontier

Our Goal

To democratize Artificial Intelligence by creating a community to help enable studying, researching and building AI products for our ecosystem and beyond.


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Lesson plan for Cycle 2

This is what an AI6 meetup might look like every week. As every local chapter is bound to be unique, ambassadors have the autonomy to decide on what works best. The AI6 community has compiled a list of useful lesson materials here.

Morning Session (Beginners Class)

Introduction to Machine Learning by Andrew Ng
(10:00AM - 2:00PM)

Afternoon Session (Intermediate Class)

Remote Session with Leading Experts
(2:30PM - 5:30pm)


George Igwegbe

Machine Learning Theory

Lawrence Francis

Machine Learning CodeLab

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Tejumade Afonja


Femi Azeez


Simon Ubi

Project Director

George Igwebe

Technical Officer

Tayo Jabar

Content Creator

Tola Adetunji

Welfare Director

Orevaoghene Ahia

Social Media

Stanley Dukor

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What the community says

AI Saturdays is really exposing me to the resources and network relevant for growth. The AI6 ambassadors in Lagos took their time to explain in detail every area in the lecture videos that needs to be explained.

After the AI6 program, I have gained confidence to approach any AI problem, research on it and solve it. I also learnt to read AI related papers and publications that are necessary for development.

Thank you AI Saturdays (AI6).

AI6 is a wonderful community whether you come as a beginner or an expert. I can't imagine better ways to improve on it. The content was wonderful, the organisation and preparation was on target. What I liked best was the incredible interactive sessions we had, the community that developed with all members, and the incredible learning process of working in teams. It was an amazing learning experience. It has really been an eye-opener for me as a student and also helped me grow as a developer.

Thanks AI Saturdays (AI6). 

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